BigAlbum is a modern, digital way to capture your favourite moments. As the name says, this is a "Big Album": through a one-click invitation, you and your friends and guests can all upload photos to the same album, instantly seeing the photos everyone has taken. No more having to develop expensive film to see if you have great photos, or trying to remember who took what photo and reminding them to send it: you can see every photo in real time! There is a no-obligation free trial for every user. This easily allows you to try out the core functionality of a BigAlbum with a friend, sharing photos and getting to understand your BigAlbum. When you're ready to create your Premium BigAlbum, that's easy too! Your BigAlbum is configured exactly as you want it so you won't ever pay for more than you want. Your BigAlbum has a configurable number of Members and a configurable number of Photos - you can upgrade either at any time! Members can only add photos to your Premium BigAlbum when it has been activated by you. You can invite them through a one-click invitation link ahead of time. After activating, the BigAlbum will be active for 30 days. After 30 days, the BigAlbum will expire and all access to photos will be removed for all guests - be sure to download everything before this happens!