Dodoo's Gallery: Kids Puzzles

Dodoo's Gallery is a fun animal jigsaw game for kids. Dodoo‘s Gallery offers more than 100 unique paintings for kids to explore and complete. The cartoon animal puzzles are always the best puzzles games and ways for toddlers and preschoolers; kids will meet various animals and learn how to solve puzzles in Dodoo's Gallery. Features * Puzzle games designed for toddlers and children. * Easy to pick up.Intuitive child-friendly interface. * Multiple animal puzzles with a different related theme.Gradually increase difficulty. * Exquisite paintings,cute HD Graphics;suitable for kids in all ages. * Positive feedback for each completed painting - sounds and effects * You can download and share your kid's work to your device. Dodoo's gallery help your kids to learn animals and develop their memory, logical thinking, visual perception and motor skills. Learning would be easy and fun!