Dodoo Adventure: Kids Coding

Dodoo adventure is a coding game for kids and preschoolers. The very basic programming skills underneath this fun game is pretty useful to forge the logic mind of kids. In Dodoo's adventure world, there are 6 different themes to explore and more than 100 levels available for kids to chanllenge and solve various puzzles. Pretty easy to pick up; Dodoo's vehicle can be controled by moving several command blocks! An excellent way to develop sharp observation and thinking skills. Features: * Easy to pick up.Intuitive child-friendly interface. *6 unique themes with increasing difficulty. *Rich content: from mysterious ocean to vast outer space. *Customize vehicles by earnd stars after every passed puzzle. *Lots of fun and lots of exciting. *suitable for kids in all ages Dodoo adventure helps kids to learn the very basic code skills and develop their logical thinking. Learning would be easy and fun!