Emma's Toystore

Emma's toy store is the new app where the kids can experience eight scenes. Lots of fun and lots of exciting. (toy store, music house, dessert, makeup, supermarket....and more). Collect the stars to decoration the unique toy store! We try to design a real world in children's point of view. For their discover and creative ability. Features: -Toys shelf Let the children discover the tiny difference -Claw machine for lovely toys.   Be smart and detail to complete the claw tasks. -Toys free world  The kids can play the toys they collected. There's many hidden tricks need   them to discover. -Emma's wardrobe Tons of difference clothes makeup, be a little princess The following modules need pay to unlock, if your kids like the apps. -Emma's dessert  -Toys Repair -Toys warehouse cleanup -Toy store music house About Us:Yunbu Innovation We are committed to inspire children's curiosity, keep all children‘s perspectvie, keep exploring nature, let children be good at discovering, and create a world they love. Privacy Policy:We take privacy seriously. For more information on how we handle privacy issues, visit http://www.yunbu.me/hk/privacy_policy.html to read specific information.